Dru J. Heagle, Ph.D., P.Geo, Senior Hydrogeologist


  • Ph.D., 2008, Geoscience, University of Calgary
  • M.Sc., 2000, Hydrogeology, University of Waterloo
  • B.Sc., 1997, Environmental Science, University of Waterloo

Dru Heagle is a registered Professional Geoscientist in Ontario and has more than 16 years experience integrating geochemical and hydrological analyses to characterize the movement of water and solute in fresh, brackish and saline systems. Dr. Heagle has lectured university hydrogeology, geochemistry, and geoscience field courses and through his academic and consulting career has extensive experience with a wide range of hydrogeological, mineralogical, petrophysical, and isotopic analyses and data interpretation techniques.

His experience includes characterizing nitrate contamination from point and non-point sources regional groundwater flow systems, well head protection and source water protection studies, quantifying mass discharge of contaminants to surface water bodies (metals, brine, and petroleum hydrocarbons), as well as characterizing source zones, transport pathways and attenuation mechanisms for sites with NAPL contamination. His experience in saline systems includes characterizing bedrock and sediment core samples for geochemistry (organic and inorganic chemistry, isotope chemistry, and mineralogy), petrophysics (fluid saturations, permeability, capillary pressure, resistivity etc.), and pore fluid chemistry for the purposes of nuclear waste emplacement, CO2 sequestration, natural gas storage, and contaminant fate and transport.

Dr. Heagle currently manages a hydrogeological monitoring program for the Nuclear Waste Management Organization’s proposed deep geological repository for storage of low and intermediate level radioactive wastes at the Bruce nuclear site and advises private clients on groundwater contamination and site remediation.