Geoscience — Engineering Geology

Geofirma’s team of engineers and geoscientists have extensive experience providing professional oversight and supervision of deep bedrock drilling projects.  Our experience includes geotechnical logging of core from vertical and inclined boreholes, rockmass classification using standard classification systems (Q and RMR), field geomechanical testing and structural interpretation of borehole geological data (including interpretation of geophysical logs).  We collaborate with world-class rock mechanics laboratories to provide our clients with quality information on the material properties of the rockmass.

Geomechanical modelling of the subsurface for the purposes of estimating excavation damage zone (EDZ) or induced stresses due to gas injection (e.g. radioactive waste disposal gas generation or natural gas / CO2 storage) has been completed with FLAC3D, an advanced geomechanical modelling code. Cutting edge, coupled hydro-mechanical modelling has been completed by combining TOUGH2 and FLAC3D codes.

Our engineering geology services include:

For additional information, please contact Sean Sterling, P.Eng.P.Geo., Manager of Geoscience Services