Geoscience — Hydrogeology

Physical and contaminant hydrogeology involves site investigations to establish aquifer properties, the quality and quantity of a water supply, hydrogeological impacts of projects, and/or nature and extent of soil and groundwater contamination. Hydrogeological studies are completed to better understand the processes by which groundwater moves and untimately affects the conditions at a particular site and can have a wide range of focuses including quantifying water supplies, better understanding contamination transport mechanisms, or developing a better understanding of dewatering impacts and requirements as a result of residential, commercial or construction activities.  Sometimes, such a study is mandated by certain processes, such as for land development applications, or the licensing of a pit or quarry under the Ontario Aggregate Resources Act.  Physical and contaminant hydrogeology is a Geofirma core competency, and our expertise can save you time and money.

Our hydrogeological services include:

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