Modelling — Gas Transport

Geofirma Engineering has extensive expertise in gas transport simulation in the deep subsurface through our work for the nuclear industry and midstream gas storage and transmission companies responsible for supplying Ontario with natural gas. In particular, Geofirma’s engineers have extensive experience in multiphase flow simulation through both permeable and caprock media and in coupling geomechanical (FLAC3D) and multiphase flow models (TOUGH2) to assess the effects of gas transport on the integrity of Deep Geological Repositories for nuclear-waste disposal and natural-gas storage.

Hydrogeologists at Geofirma have undertaken extensive research into wellbore integrity issues leading to groundwater contamination throughout North America. In the past two years, staff at Geofirma have presented a four conference papers on this matter and led the interdisciplinary team that published a major review in Groundwater in the July-August 2013 issue.

For additional information, please contact John Avis, P.Eng., Head of Modelling