Modelling — Geological Waste Isolation

Geofirma has extensive experience in modelling for performance assessment of radioactive waste disposal concepts and sites, and modeling and visualization of complex geoscientific data sets.  In the course of our work on geological waste isolation Geofirma has developed substantial experience in modelling of groundwater, contaminant transport, two-phase flow, thermal transport, and hydromechanical coupling.

We have historically been active in most major national and many international radioactive waste disposal programs for Low-Level (LL), Intermediate-Level (IL) and High-Level (HL) radioactive waste in Europe and North America.  Many of our key senior staff have worked for many years in these research programs.  Modelling work performed by Geofirma has been a key technical component of submissions to obtain an operating license for geological disposal facilities.

For additional information, please contact John Avis, P.Eng., Head of Modelling