Modelling — Geomechanics

Geomechanical interactions have been an integral part of our modelling work assessing performance of waste repositories, subsurface gas storage systems, and deep well disposal systems.  In many subsurface activities, the movement of fluids (e.g. gas, water, oil) cannot be decoupled from the mechanical behaviour of the host rock formations and manmade openings (tunnels, boreholes, fractures).

Recently, Geofirma has been transferring our experience in fluid-mechanical interactions in low permeability rock to the unconventional oil and gas field, where we are providing expert advice on the best environmental management practices to establish and maintain the isolation between deep shale reservoirs and shallow groundwater aquifers.  Following best practices can help proponents to avoid environmental and political liability and facilitate the process of regulatory approval.

For additional information, please contact Robert Walsh, P.Eng.,  Lead Geomechanical Modeller