Modelling — Thermal Transport

Thermal transport is an important process in the nuclear waste context, and this is where the majority of Geofirma’s thermal transport work has been done. In a nuclear waste repository there may be substantial convective and conductive heat transport from buried waste canisters, which may substantially influence the hydrogeological system. Heated canisters may create steam or enhance the rate of chemical reactions which produce gaseous products. Geofirma has also modelled heat transport from underground coal gasification, a high temperature, multiphase flow and thermal transport application.

Geofirma staff have also worked on thermo-hydro-mechanical coupling processes in the context of geothermal systems, modelling permafrost development, and heat generation and transport in cemented paste backfill (a method of immobilizing dewatered mine tailings).

For additional information, please contact John Avis, P.Eng., Head of Modelling