A state-of-the-art well-test analysis program for analyzing hydraulic and gas tests conducted in complex test environments.

Originally developed by Geofirma staff for Sandia National Laboratories in support of the WIPP program.  At Geofirma, we apply our expert knowledge of the nSIGHTS software to provide well-test analysis for our clients. Geofirma also provides custom development of nSIGHTS.

nSights features and capabilities include:

Multiple Conceptual Models

  • Dual porosity, leakage (from above and/or below), well-bore skin (enhancement or damage)
  • Flow dimension capability allows for interpretation/analysis of non-radial flow such as fracture systems

Numeric Simulator

  • Compensates for non-ideal test procedures such as pumping rate changes
  • Allows incorporation of long-term pre-test pressure histories
  • Supports combinations of conceptual models not supported by analytic techniques (e.g. dual porosity aquifer with leakage)

Advanced Graphical Analysis Techniques

  • Derivative plots, decline plots, pulse/slug and flow dimension analysis
  • Advanced derivative calculation for noisy field data
  • Time and space superposition

Optimization (Inverse Modelling)

  • Automatic fitting of field data with Levenberg-Marquadt and Simplex methods
  • Multiple constraints (e.g fit derivative & cartesian results, fit results from multiple observation wells simultaneously)
  • Advanced statistical processing for confidence region estimation
  • Can incorporate Latin Hyper-Cube or Monte-Carlo sampling of uncertain parameters to determine range/distribution of possible hydraulic parameters

Data Pre-/Post-Processing

  • Extensive facilities for importing, cleaning and processing field data
  • Report quality 2D and 3D plotting

For additional information, please contact John Avis, P.Eng.