Multiple Realizations Showing
Parameter Sensitivity

A sampling and optimization framework for models.

Originally developed for the Yucca Mountain program, paCalc was designed to contain a library of sub-models that could be linked in a network pathway defined by the user. The library of models includes: source terms, unsaturated zone and saturated zone flow and transport, and human risk/dose calculation. Sampling and optimization capabilities, similar to those available for nSIGHTS, could be applied to any variable of the linked network of models.

Further enhancements to paCalc generalized the models available, allowing any command-line model (e.g. T2GGM/TOUGH2), batch program or any command-line data analysis program (e.g. mViewX), to be added to the user-defined network of models. Consequently, paCalc is a sampling and optimization framework for any model that can be run in a command-line.

paCalc is licensed software available from Geofirma.  Support and training are also available.

For additional information, please contact John Avis, P.Eng.