Computational Modeler

Geofirma Engineering Ltd. is looking for a computational modeler to join our team working on groundwater flow, contaminant transport, and geomechanics. You would be joining a team of experienced professionals who conduct leading-edge modelling for radioactive waste management, carbon sequestration, energy storage, and other significant subsurface activities. A deep knowledge of the scientific and mathematical basis of fluid flow and transport modelling is required, and the position requires substantial data analysis skills.

The ideal candidate will have a doctorate degree from a recognized Canadian engineering or earth science university program.  You should have an established track record in modelling subsurface flow processes including multiphase flow, chemical processes (e.g. dissolution), hydromechanical coupling, and chemical transport. You should have the potential to obtain a P.Eng. or P.Geo. license in Ontario. Experience developing numerical models is essential, and experience with the modeling codes HydroGeoSphere, TOUGH3, and/or FLAC3D would be an asset. Experience with software development is also of interest.

Duties for the position include:

  • Building physics-based models of geological systems to describe subsurface flow of multiple fluid phases and geomechanical effects of pressure alteration in the subsurface.
  • Performing experiments on large geophysical databases to develop new relationships between geophysical log data and fundamental properties of subsurface flow systems.
  • Application of machine learning, including artificial neural networks, to optimization problems such as injection well placement and minimization of pipeline network length.
  • Develop programing scripts and software for extracting, cleaning, and organizing large and complex datasets.
  • Create high quality visualizations to communicate complex scientific and engineering concepts and model results to colleagues and clients.
  • Writing high quality client-facing reports or memos which translate complex scientific and engineering products and concepts to provide actionable information to clients.

The successful candidate will be offered a permanent position, with the opportunity to assume increasing autonomy and responsibility and equity participation in Geofirma Engineering Ltd. Salary will be in accordance with PEO/APGO salary scales. Company benefits include medical/dental and Group RRSP. The position is based in Ottawa, Ontario and is not a remote position.

Sub Head

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