About Us

Geofirma Engineering Ltd. is a Canadian employee-owned environmental and hydrogeologic engineering consulting company. Nationally and internationally, we are known for our work in radioactive waste management, and our expertise in groundwater and 2-phase flow modelling. In Ontario and the National Capital Region, we provide a full range of environmental consulting services to our private and public sector clients. We operate out of our home office in Ottawa, Ontario. The Ottawa office of Geofirma, originally incorporated as Raven Beck Environmental Ltd., has been in operation in Ottawa since 1991. Geofirma and its predecessor companies have operated in Canada and the United States since 1974. We operate under an ISO 9001:2015-certified quality management system.

Geofirma offers a wide range of environmental and engineering consulting services including groundwater resource and water supply assessment, groundwater and surface water source protection, hydrogeologic characterization and assessment, groundwater computer modeling, Phase I, II and III environmental site assessment, GIS and geomatics, permitting and regulatory services, turn-key site remediation and reclamation, and training and litigation support.