We firmly believe that our people are our most important asset. Join our team of dedicated professionals committed to excellence.


Geofirma is a Canadian, employee-owned engineering consulting firm designed to be flexible, human, and responsive. Our proud tradition of innovative problem solving and exceptional client service dates back to our founding in 1991.

  • Make a Difference – Much of what we do at Geofirma directly contributes to stability of our energy supplies, transition to non-fossil energy sources, and environmental sustainability.
  • Interesting Work – At Geofirma, our work is often at the cutting edge of scientific and engineering practice, and we are always looking to do things in a smarter way.
  • Flexibility – Even before COVID, Geofirma offered a flexible working environment, with the option to combine working in the office with working from home.
  • Profit Sharing – Geofirma is an employee-owned company. The majority of our people own Geofirma shares and receive a share of profits.



While we’re not actively hiring at the moment, we’re always interested in hearing from you. Send your CV. We can’t offer guarantees, but we just might have an opportunity that matches your interests.

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