Geofirma has always had a research bent. We work closely with a number of Canadian and International universities and research institutes.


At the remotely-convened Geoconvention in Calgary on September 21st, Richard Jackson presented “Investigating the Origin of Elevated H2S in Groundwater Discharge from Abandoned Gas Wells, Norfolk County, Ontario”.

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It is Richard Jackson’s opinion that there should be more geoscience in geotechnical engineering programs. In this article, he briefly describes how geoscience has been, and will continue
to be, important to Canadian geotechnique, and suggests what an introductory geoscience course in geotechnical engineering should include.

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EPEX 2019

Watch Robert Walsh’s presentation entitles Embracing Uncertainty in Numerical Models from last year’s Energy Prospectors Expo (EPEX 2019). The presentation describes approaches that we have been developing to address the perennial challenge in models of earth systems.

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NovCare Conference 2019

Christopher Morgan presented part of his masters thesis work at the NovCare conference in Waterloo on May 20th, 2019. Chris’ talk was titled: Use of digital outcrop photogrammetry to inform fracture network characteristics for DFN modelling.

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Geofirma wins 5 year contract by the NWMO

Geofirma Engineering was recently awarded a 5-year contract by the Nuclear Waste Management Organization to assist them in evaluating the performance of proposed Deep Geologic Repositories for the safe long term disposal of used nuclear fuel.

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San Francisco TOUGH2 Symposium

Nicola Calder presents poster Concurrent Simulation Of Linked Models At Multiple Scales Of Repository Gas Generation And Transport and oral presentation A Numerical Study of Barometric Loading in Groundwater Monitoring Wells using TOUGH2 at TOUGH2.

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World Gas Conference 2018

Robert Walsh will be attending the 27th World Gas Conference in Washington DC with his co-presented Steve Pardy from Union Gas.

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