well test analysis

Well test analysis is the primary tool for gaining insight into the hydrogeological properties of aquifers, reservoirs, aquitards, and caprocks.

Well Test Analysis Sample

Our team can provide and analyze hydraulic tests in wells. To support this work, we have developed the nSIGHTS (n-dimensional Statistical Inverse Graphical Hydraulic Test Simulator) software package, which has become the industry standard for assessing hydraulic tests conducted in low-permeability media. nSIGHTS includes a suite of tools for well test analysis, such as pressure derivative analysis and efficient optimization procedures. With over 20 years of development and support, nSIGHTS has supported international and Canadian radioactive waste disposal programs and caprock characterization. 

nSIGHTS can also analyze traditional pumping and slug tests in higher permeability material. As a numeric model, it includes a wide range of aquifer/aquitard conceptual models. It can also simulate leakage, dual-porosity effects, and partial penetration for fully-confined or water table aquifers.

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