Christopher Morgan presented part of his masters thesis work at the NovCare 2019 conference in Waterloo on May 20th, 2019. Chris’ talk was titled: Use of digital outcrop photogrammetry to inform fracture network characteristics for DFN modelling. NovCare is an international environmental conference that focuses on novel methods for subsurface characterization and monitoring of aquifers, soils, and watersheds.

NRCan has released the Summary Report entitled “A Technology Roadmap to Improve Wellbore Integrity”. This report was a team effort, with contributions from experts in industry, consulting, and academia. Robert Walsh played a significant role, writing the section on Improving Abandonment Processes, and as lead editor of the Summary Report which condensed the work of all the collaborators into a more manageable document.

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Technology Roadmap to Improve Wellbore Integrity

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