Nicola Calder presented at the TOUGH2 Symposium in San Francisco October 8-10. The first presentation is a poster, “Concurrent Simulation Of Linked Models At Multiple Scales Of Repository Gas Generation And Transport”, based on work conducted with John Avis for the NWMO. The poster and the associated paper discuss modifications to T2GGM (a TOUGH2 variant developed by Geofirma and their partner Quintessa) to link the boundary conditions of separate models to be solved concurrently and the application of this approach to modelling repository scale gas generation and transport in a deep geologic repository for high-level radioactive waste in a Canadian sedimentary rock setting. Secondly, Nicola presented an oral presentation for Robert Walsh, entitled “A Numerical Study of Barometric Loading in Groundwater Monitoring Wells using TOUGH2”. This talk presents work conducted by Robert Walsh with Nicola Calder and Nicholas Sgro to clarify the physics involved in barometric loading effects on water levels in groundwater monitoring wells.

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