We apply our extensive experience in geological site characterization, multi-phase flow modeling, and geomechanical analysis to solving problems in sustainable energy, including: energy storage, carbon sequestration,
and geothermal energy.

Demand for sustainable energy solutions is growing, and many methods of storing and generating low carbon energy require geological knowledge. Geothermal energy production requires detailed knowledge of subsurface conditions, rock properties, and flow systems. Carbon sequestration, a key element in transitioning to a less carbon intensive energy economy, requires sufficient injectivity, capacity, and geological isolation: which can only be determined through a combination of detailed field measurements and numerical models. Renewable energy such as wind and solar requires load balancing to store energy when it is produced, and release it during periods when demand exceeds supply. Energy storage in geological formations (as compressed air or hydrogen) provides a promising and economical alternative to massive battery systems. Using our unique skillset in geological characterization and numerical modeling, Geofirma helps clients to develop projects for energy storage, carbon sequestration, and geothermal energy. We can establish technical feasibility, and communicate the safety of such projects to regulatory authorities.

Areas of Expertise:

Drilling, sampling, laboratory, and in-situ testing
Reservoir flow modeling
Caprock geomechanical modeling
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