air quality assessment

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Air quality monitoring programs are often implemented during remediation projects to meet regulatory guidelines and ensure the health and safety of workers involved in the project. In addition, Geofirma can assist clients who may have a temporary need for air quality monitoring during plant renovations or during temporary processing of contaminated materials. Geofirma works with regulatory agencies and our clients to create site specific air monitoring programs to ensure that project goals and compliance targets can both be met in a cost effective manner.

indoor air quality

Indoor air quality has become an increasing concern to workers and homeowners. With increased air tightness of buildings, growing use of synthetic materials, decreased outdoor air quality in some cases and an increase in allergies more and more people are questioning the quality of the air they breathe on a daily basis at home or at work. Whether the air quality assessment is requested as a due diligence measure or to address a specific concern, Geofirma can provide a solution. Geofirma can measure several common indoor air quality parameters onsite using calibrated state-of-the-art equipment. Other potential indoor air contaminants may be sampled and sent off to an accredited laboratory for analysis. The results of all data sets are compared to national and international standards and recommendations are provided by our professional staff.

Example projects where air monitoring may be required:


Metals impacted soil excavation


Coal tar impacted groundwater and soil remediation


Naturally occurring radioactive material processing


Radon gas intrusion into dwellings located on Precambrian bedrock


Sub-slab vapor intrusion studies in support of human health risk assessment

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