litigation support

We provide technical support in the form of expert witness testimony, data acquisition (drilling and sampling), and numeric modelling to predict long term outcomes and illustrate possible or likely behaviour. Our technical team works effectively with counsel to support litigation goals.

Environmental litigation can be triggered by contamination issues, potential liability for cleanup of neighboring properties, regulatory compliance questions, misrepresentations during mergers and acquisitions, as well as a host of other reasons.

Responding to, or initiating, environmental litigation usually requires some level of technical support.  Geofirma has experience in all aspects of environmental litigation support:

  • Review historical and discovery documents describing operations and disposal practices to determine the scope and magnitude of environmental effects;
  • Assist counsel during discovery;
  • Perform field work such as soil and groundwater/surface water sampling to gather data to support our clients position;
  • Develop numeric models to predict potential future effects of past practices;
  • Integrate numeric model results and field data to create compelling visualizations;
  • Work closely with the litigation team to ensure technical accuracy and to support litigation goals;
  • Develop expert reports and provide expert witnesses for testimony
  • Review and rebut expert witness reports from opposing counsel


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