Site remediation: coal tar

City of Kingston, Ontario

Like many cities across Ontario, Kingston was once fuelled by coal gas, sometimes called town gas.  The legacy of the use of this fuel which was manufactured by the partial combustion of coal, and stored in large above-ground gas-holders was DNAPL contamination in the deep bedrock beneath parts of Kingston’s downtown core.  As part of their efforts to redevelop these brownfield properties, the City of Kingston retained Geofirma to complete all aspects of assessment and remediation. The project involved significant site characterization work, excavation of coal tar contaminated soil from the former gas holders, consultation and compliance with regulatory agencies and comprehensive risk assessment. The project work satisfied regulatory agencies and affected private property owners such that City legal liabilities were significantly mitigated. The property has subsequently been redeveloped as the Rogers K-Rock Centre.
Kingston Gas Holder
Kingston Site Remediation

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